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All Together

A worldwide collaboration

Brewed to support hospitality professionals

Do You Want To Support Breweries?

Dear breweries of the world,

There is an inextricable link that binds together everyone in the hospitality industry. Brewers, servers, bartenders, bussers, dishwashers, GMs, buyers, chefs, owners—we are all in this together. In this industry, when one of us struggles, the rest of us pick them up. It's baked into who we are.

All Together is a worldwide, open-ended beer collaboration created to raise support for the industry we love so much. It's an effort to raise awareness and provide relief, even in the smallest way, to those who are struggling. We're inviting any brewer, from any corner of the planet to participate. The recipe is open source, the artwork is public, and the name is yours to use. The goal is to provide you with the tools to make the beer at the lowest possible cost.

We ask that a portion of the proceeds go to supporting hospitality professionals in your community. The rest should go to keeping you in business to weather this storm. For us, proceeds will go to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation. As much as this is about raising money, this is also an exercise in awareness so that local communities can understand how daily life has been upended for those that rely on social gathering to make a living.

At the end of the day, this is about what it's always been about—community. While we may not be able to come together in person right now, that spirit can never be taken away from us. If we do our part to protect and support each other, that spirit can actually be strengthened.

Be safe, be good to one another. We're here for you.

Sam, Matt, Andrew
Other Half Brewing Co

The Tools

Everything you need to brew, brand and promote the beer.


The base recipe has been contributed by Other Half Brewing. It was designed to be easily brewed with fairly common ingredients most brewers can obtain but please feel free to add your own twist. Click the link below to download the recipe.

All Together Can Examples

Label design

Label artwork has been contributed by Stout Collective for anyone to use. There are two template sizes, 7.5” x 3.625 (12oz) and 7.5”x5” (16oz). We are asking everyone to use the same design template, with a portion of the label being open for your own art -- illustration, pattern, photography, anything. A link to the art files are below, as well as guidelines for usage. Any questions can be directed to [email protected].

Label printing

Blue Label Packaging Co. will print labels at cost for participating breweries. When you call or email, let your representative know that this is for the All Together project and they will apply the discount. Any questions can be directed to [email protected] or you can call 866-506-2583.


The Craftpeak Team is donating their time, talent, and technology for the design, development, and hosting of this website to support this effort. If you would like to be listed as a participating brewery, click the button below.


Getting the word out

There are a set of social media graphics below for you to use, but feel free to create additional graphics.

Please use the hashtag #AllTogetherBeer

How to support breweries

Dear beer drinkers of the world,

This is a desperate time for the breweries, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores in your community. With our taprooms and dining rooms closed to the public, we have lost our primary source of revenue. And our staff have lost their incomes.

That’s where you come in -- All Together is a worldwide beer collaboration created to raise support for the industry we love so much. We've invited any brewer, from any corner of the planet to take the same base beer recipe and put their own unique twist on it. The goal is to use that beer to raise support for themselves and their communities. It's an effort to provide relief to those who are struggling.

We are all in this together

How can you help? Sign up for our mailing list. The beers are being brewed around the world right now, and we’ll let you know when they’re ready. When they are, you’ll be able to purchase them from your local brewery, and a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting hospitality professionals in your community. The rest will go to helping that brewery through an incredibly difficult and unprecedented time.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we cannot do this without you.

Be safe, be good to one another.

The Brewers of The World


Participating Breweries

A worldwide collaboration of industry partners.

Started by a collective of beer industry partners, All Together does not belong to one brewery or entity. We’re all in this together.

States (USA)

Barrel Culture Brewing & Blending

Durham, NC, United States

Release Date: 4/17/20

A portion of sales will go to the Triangle Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Bhramari brewing company

Asheville, NC, United States

Release Date: 5/8/20

We'll be donating a portion to the New Belgium Brewing Bar & Restaurant Relief Fund & splitting the rest between our furloughed employees.

Bricktree Brewing Co

Lincolnton, NC, United States

Release Date: TBD

Donate proceeds to Lincolnton small town businesses.

Burial Beer Co.

Asheville, NC, United States

Release Date: 04/14/20

100% of the proceeds are being used to finance a meals programs for hospitality workers in Asheville. Burial and its sister restaurant Forestry Camp have committed to serving 100 meals each Saturday for free to hospitality workers, and this money will finance growth of that program.

Forgotten Road Ales

Graham, NC, United States

Release Date: 04/29/20

We'll be adding it into the funds we're raising starting this Friday 4/10. We'll be continuing to collect these funds until the All Together Beer sells out, and until our "Love Graham" t-shirts and enamel pins sell out. (A portion of the t-shirt and pin sales will go to the cause as well.) We're asking the service industry restaurant and bar owners of Downtown Graham to let us know who they have had to lay off, and we'll be dispersing the money through $300 chunks to those in need.

Hop Fly Brewing Company

Rocky Mount, NC, United States

Release Date: 04/15/20

Percent Tap House

Harrisburg, NC, United States

Release Date: 04/22/20

We will take proceeds from this beer to purchase gift cards from local small businesses in our community (Restaurants, Breweries, Boutiques, etc) . We will then be gifting these gift cards to the folks on the front lines of this uncertain situation, the professionals in the health field employed at our local hospitals.

Resident Culture Brewing Co

Charlotte, NC, United States

Release Date: 04/24/20

We intend to donate a portion of the proceeds to TIPCLT which is giving direct Venmo payments to Charlotte area service industry workers who have lost their jobs. The remainder of proceeds will be used to keep all of our staff members employed for as long as possible.

Salty Turtle Beer

Lane Surf City, NC, United States

Release Date: 04/30/20

Southern Range Brewing

Monroe, NC, United States

Release Date: TBD

HOPS: Local Brewery Bartenders Program

Wise Man Brewing

Winston-Salem, NC, United States

Release Date: 5/1/20

Project Partners

The people who helped get this project off the ground

Supplier Partners